Sangar Housing Society Gwadar Update Dec 2017

Sangar Housing Society Gwadar Update Dec 2017

Sangar Housing Project Gwadar Update

A very strong buy recommended from Gwadar Real Estate ® and Lahore Real Estate ® for 2 years hold time with possible easy gains of 100% plus. Sangar is leading Gwadar property now and will keep leading Gwadar property market for next many years due its unmatched most sought after location.

It is not guaranteed but very highly likely that Sangar Gwadar phase 1 houses construction will be allowed from January 28th 2018.

Management is trying its possible best to resurface expand all roads in entire phase 1 and complete model house at Sangar office in Sangar housing project so it will be ready for all thousands of visitors that will visit expo center at Gwadar Port. Those visitors will not like to miss a single day Sangar sunrise and sunset scenes.

Management want to use this mega event to make mega announcement for allowing houses construction in Sangar housing scheme phase 1.
If Sangar houses construction is finally allowed after a decade wait Sangar prices are likely to be double in 1 to 2 years max as 1000s people desperately waiting for permission to start building house on most prime location in entire Gwadar or Balochistan or perhaps even in Pakistan.
Currently Sanghar 2 kanal residential developed plots including development charges are available starting from 70 Lacs in Phase 3 and starting at around 95 Lac in phase 1. Three are extremely low prices for such huge developed plots at most prime most secure and most safest from duplicate allotments or Qabza groups etc. Sangar have most transparent fastest toughest transfer process without any kind bribes etc. Sangar is pure Govt project.

At Gwadar Real Estate ® these highly experienced Sangar specialists will assist you best with buying or selling residential or commercial plots. 

Muhammad Ali +923222256210
Adil Saeed +923224009766
Adnan Virk +923244987941
Saleem Bodla +92 322 4222045
Adeel Ahmad +923224222061
Asad Khan +923214009967
Salman Maqsood +923224009967

Call with full confidence for not only best price most variety but also greater after sales services..

Ch Mujahid Yasin (CMY
+923224929992 whatsapp only 
+‎ 16308024186 Use it for all Reg Calls SMS or WhatsApp calls texts while I am in USA till mid February 2018

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